Cangas Protected Designation of Origin

Located in the southwest of Asturias and includes the councils of Cangas del Narcea, Allande, Grandas de Salime, Illano, Pesoz, Ibias and Tineo. Some wines with D.O.P.

Wines with Protected Designation of Origin

Made with the most characteristic grapes, typical of the area and conformed for decades to its climate and soil. Vineyards formed by small payments that shape a labyrinthine landscape.

The best wineries in Asturias

The Cangas Protected Designation of Origin is the exception that confirms the rule. The Principality is not a wine-growing community, but it has found an excellent wine in this region.

The Vineyards of Cangas

The vines in this area are planted on slate soils, usually sloping, and are older than 80 years.

Asturias Wine

Cangas Protected Designation of Origin

The southwestern Asturian has a long winemaking tradition that dates back more than a thousand years and whose origin is linked to the Monastery of Corias. Asturian wineries are tiny, artisan, we could say even family. The rugged terrain of the area is quite a surprise for the visitor, who is also usually captivated by the originality of the wines. You can walk through the vineyard, learn about the production process, discover the autochthonous varieties, observe the barrel park and even taste the wines from the different wineries.

1. Cangas del Narcea | 2. Degaña| 3. Ibias | 4. Grandas de Salime | 5. Allande | 6. Pesoz | 7. Illano | 8. Tineo

Production areas

Asturias The geographical area of the Cangas PDO meets the requirements to qualify it as Mountain Viticulture by CERVIM (Center for Research, Study, Safeguarding, Coordination and Valorisation of Mountain Viticulture) an exclusivity that in the Spanish territory only shares with, the PDO Ribeira Sacra, PDO Canary Islands and the D.O.P. Priorat.

The grape production area for the production of wines protected by the Cangas Protected Designation of Origin, is made up of lands that, based on exclusively technical criteria, are considered especially suitable for the production of grapes with the necessary quality and that are located in the municipal terms of: AllandeCangas del NarceaDegaña, Grandas de SalimeIbiasIllanoPesoz and some areas that belong to the municipality of Tineo.


Production areas, mountain viticulture and grape varieties

The environment

Things to see and do in the DOP CANGAS area

Industry news

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