The Wineries

The Cangas Protected Designation of Origin and its Wineries

The oenological and viticultural tradition of the southwestern region of Asturias dates back to the Middle Ages, around the 9th century, with the emergence of the first monasteries that took advantage of the available soils for the cultivation of the vine in an area that had sheltered terraces mountainous masses, suitable for receiving abundant solar radiation. The bonanza of the climate of the region meant that the high mountain vineyards will be concentrated in this part of Asturias, coinciding with the deep valleys of the Navia and Narcea rivers, and thus the culture of wine – which had as one of its main references the Monastery of Corias – reached our days, acquiring in the last decades this tradition strength and wine brand in the panorama of wine in Spain. The Wines and the wineries with their tastings and visits, the Harvest Festival – declared of Tourist Interest -, the Wine Museum in Santiso, etc. they are tangible heritage of the wine culture in Asturias.

Antón Chicote Wineries

Antonio Álvarez is the son, grandson and great-grandson of a winegrower. The tradition of caring for vineyards is so old in the family that the time of origin is unknown. Antonio has taken care of the old vineyards of his father, has been renovating them, has been acquiring new plots and has built a small winery, in a privileged area of Cangas del Narcea called La Galiana. Antonio Álvarez guides the work in the vineyards and in the winery and understands that project in which his wines and his life are inseparable. His friendly, open and enterprising character makes his wine very well known and that visits to his winery are not only a tourist visit, but also an opportunity to learn about the culture and tradition of Cangas viticulture.

985 810 934 / 637 867 569
La Galiana 88 Limés. Cangas del Narcea 33800 Asturias

Las Danzas Wineries

Carmen Martínez Rodríguez is the woman behind Bodega Las Danzas. After a lifetime as a viticulturist, in 2019 she decides to take one more step and she launches herself to make her own wine. As a result, she obtains the first vintage of La Media Vuelta, an exclusive wine with unique flavors. Years of effort and dedication to our strains, give rise to a great artisan wine with different and unique flavors. They have 3.3 hectares of vineyards in the Cangas del Narcea mountain from where they extract all the grape varietals with which they make their wines, whose collection is complicated due to the slope of the land and its difficult accessibility, having to do the collection manually.

663 083 548
Calle Las Mestas, 30. Cangas del Narcea 33817 Asturias

Monasterio de Corias Wineries

After being abandoned for many years, this winery has recovered the Benedictine tradition of winemaking in its monasteries, under the guidance of the Kangoan agronomist Juan Manuel Redondo, and Víctor Alvarez, also Asturian, in the work of promotion and marketing. . In this adventure of the recovery of Benedictine oenological knowledge, they embarked back in the year 2000 and until today, without stopping to innovate and create, picking the grapes in the vineyards of the area and making the wines in this monastic winery of the Monastery of San Juan. Bautista de Corias, a magnificent Benedictine foundation building dating from the 11th century. The facilities and modern equipment, together with the perfect environmental conditions, allow a careful and pampered winemaking.

985 810 493 / 670 659 579
Monasterio de Corias. Cangas del Narcea 33817 Asturias

La Verdea Wineries

It was born between the mountains of Puenticiella, Cangas del Narcea, in 2019 to recover a family tradition of the ancestors. It has small vineyards of centuries-old vines on the steep slopes of the mountains. It is believed that some of the strains were able to overcome the phylloxera that devastated practically all the vine in 1889, being from that year when they began to plant again and recover the vineyards. The productions of these very old vines are very limited, since they do not produce more than 1kg per vine, hence the excellent quality of the wines from the area.

678 067 857
Puenticiella, 33. Cangas del Narcea 33817 Asturias

Vidas Wineries

Beatriz Pérez and Pepe Florez are an enterprising couple who, after a few years out of Asturias, decided to return to their land and value their knowledge – he is a chemist and she is a physicist -, betting on a wine-growing project, because the culture of wine la They have lived since childhood, since Beatriz is from Pola de Allande and Pepe from Cangas del Narcea. So in 2012 they created their winery and got to work: In April 2013 in Cangas del Narcea they presented their first wines under the name ‘7 VidAs’, releasing a first vintage with 2,000 bottles of white, made 100% with Albarín grapes , and 5,000 red, which includes varieties of carrasquín, albarín negro, verdejo and mencía. Some wines that they themselves define as very floral, aromatic and easy to drink, with native varieties.

626 754 225
Carrascal, 7. Cangas del Narcea 33800 Asturias

Vitheras Wineries

Winery located in the Principality of Asturias, specifically in Cangas del Narcea. We have been collaborating for 30 years to the recovery of the native varieties of the area such as: the Albarín blanco y Negro, Mencía, Moscatel de grain menudo or Verdejo Negro … My family has also been cultivating these lands and making wine since 1556, date that the historical documents that narrate this fact are dated.The varieties that we use are unique in the world since they are adapted to our land. These varieties disappeared at the beginning of the 20th century due to mining and were recovered by an investigation carried out by the CSIC and led by one of the world’s greatest experts in grapevine and genetics, Maria del Carmen Martinez, who is part of our family.
Since 2014, the date on which the winery was professionalized and the first vintage was launched, we have managed to obtain 13 international awards in the most prestigious international competitions, both for our white wine and for our rosé wine. These contests are located in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong or Italy… and are the benchmark contests worldwide.

676 921 948
Pol. Ind. Tebongo, 12. Cangas del Narcea 33816 Asturias

Señorío de Ibias Wineries

The promoter of the Señorío de Ibias winery, Adrián Fernández, has three hectares of his own vineyard, in which he has planted white albarín, carrasquín, black verdejo and red albarín.
Wines with a lot of personality, deep-rooted and above all, authentic. Elaborated in an artisanal, manual way, since it is a job that cannot be mechanized.
The wine he makes is 100% native Ibias grape.

638 093 112
Plaza de Cecos, 2. Ibias 33810 Asturias

Dominio de Ibias Clalalet Wineries

670 579 006
Cecos, 2. Ibias 33810 Asturias

Warehouse Registry

In the registry of wineries, all those that are located in the production area and intend to dedicate themselves to the vinification of grapes / must from registered vineyards, storage, aging, bottling and labeling of wines that opt to be certified as DOP Cangas can be registered. Contact details of wineries available to the interested party upon request at:

Regulatory Council and Legislation "D.O.P. CANGAS"

The Regulatory Council of the appellation is the Official Body accredited to certify that a wine qualifies as “Cangas Protected Designation of Origin”.


To obtain this label, the wines must meet a series of requirements reflected in the Denomination Regulations.

Wine Regulations of "D.O.P. CANGAS"

The denomination “Cangas Quality Wine” is recognized and the Cangas Quality Wine Regulations that must be complied with by wines made in said wine region are approved.